A  M  A  Y


An album dedicated to nine Great Women

who have left a lasting mark in past and present history.

Written and sung by one of the voices considered among the most elegant on the Italian scene, Neripè, played by the extraordinary Parisian ensemble

Guappecartò” and composed by the winner of the Critics Award at the Festival of Sanremo in 2000,

Stefano Piro.

Mixed by the sound engineer Laurent

Dupuy, Grammy Award in 2015 for

“Eve” Best World Music Album by

Angelique Kidjo.

With the extraordinary contribution and participation of Mauro Pagani and actress

Sabrina Impacciatore.




The debut album of Neripè is born in “Ville lumiere” from the lucky encounter of pure souls and from the merger of more synthesized musical worlds in a single project. The songs sung by Neripè are composed duet with the singer and composer Stefano Piro and arranged from the eclectic sounds of Guappecartò, adopted Parisian ensemble with strong gypsy and Mediterranean influences.

The voice of intense and multifaceted Neripè leans on arrangements ranging in genres but that keep the typical sound of Guappecartò: violin, double bass, percussion, acoustic guitar, accordion. A sound between Mediterranean folk, which sometimes complete with piano played by Stefano Piro. Everything masterfully recorded and dressed in modernity by the sound enginer, Grammy Award, Laurent Dupuy.

The disc is intended as a journey through the music in the lives of great women of the past and present. Women who have left a legacy of enormous human wealth, artistic, political and moral, devoted with passion to what they believed and believe, important examples of freedom, courage and inner strength.

Nine pieces dedicated and inspired to Nine Great Women; each song tells a little nuance, a story of real life, rather than an imaginative transposition of reality, all this as poem in music.

Cit. "Women who run with the wolves"

"The Wild Woman is the strength Life / Death / Life, is the incubator, is the loyal heart, whispers in the night dreams. It makes beings to be multilingual. And 'the source, the light at night. It' s' good smell of mud and the paw of the fox. She's ideas, feelings, impulses and memory.

He is living in the past and live in the present, in all of us."

He lives in the green, which goes through the snow, he lives among the stalks of wheat, he lives where the dead are in for a kiss. He lives in the place where you do the language. Lives of poetry and percussion and singing. Lives of quarter tones and passing notes, in a cantata and blues ...... "